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Code Of Conduct

Brisbane Dog Walking's code of conduct exceeds the standards set out by the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA).

General Code

Brisbane Dog Walking will:
  • Conduct our business in a professional manner, honestly, with trust & respect and proper care & attention
  • Conduct our services in accordance with applicable State and Federal regulations
  • Comply with the QLD Animal Care and Protection Act 2001
  • In the case of an ill pet, attempt to contact the owner for instructions, else immediately take the pet to a vet for treatment if such authority has been given
  • Ensure the welfare of pets always takes precedent over any commercial interests
  • Not disclose customers personal information without prior consent
  • Ensure that we are reachable at all times during operating hours, or that appropriate messaging facilities are available, and messages answered within a reasonable amount of time
  • Store all keys to customers property securely and never label keys with either customer names or addresses
  • Hold current police check documents
  • Hold current public liability insurance

Dog Walking Code


Brisbane Dog Walking will:
  • Ban aggressive dogs from the group walks

Picking Up/Dropping Off

Brisbane Dog Walking will:
  • Only access those parts of the property necessary to pick up/drop off the dogs
  • Ensure that no other dog accesses the customers property other than their own
  • Check the dogs collar is tight enough when picking up (a collar should not be loose enough to slip over a dogs head). We will tighten the collar or supply our own if necessary.
  • Check the dogs lead is not close to breaking. If necessary we will supply our own.
  • Return the dog to the agreed location within the customers property
  • Check the dog has enough water when dropping off and refill as required
  • Towel wet dogs down when dropping off
  • Ensure the customers property is secure upon departure

Travelling In The Vehicle

Brisbane Dog Walking will:
  • Maintain our vehicle in a clean and safe condition
  • Use air conditioning when hot
  • Provide adequate ventilation and fresh water at all times
  • Drive slowly when dogs are onboard to avoid motion sickness
  • Drive safely when dogs are onboard and obey all traffic laws
  • Attach dogs leads to fixed points within the vehicle to avoid escape when doors open
  • Regularly check all dogs in the vehicle are comfortable
  • Where possible park the vehicle in roads with little traffic for loading/unloading purposes
  • Ensure that all dogs have enough space in the vehicle to stand, stretch and turn around comfortably
  • Immediately clean any faeces, urine and vomit from the vehicle

On The Walk

Brisbane Dog Walking will:
  • Comply with local authority rules of the park or reserve we visit
  • Clean up after all dogs in our care
  • Display co-operation, courtesy and a professional manner in relation to other park users
  • Endeavour to ensure the safety and well being of people and dogs we meet while on our walks
  • At all times protect against unauthorised capture, abuse or interference of any dog in our charge by other people
  • Endeavour to protect the dogs under our care from any other animals we meet
  • At all times maintain adequate control over any dog in our charge
  • Ensure dogs are not left unattended in public places
  • Only allow a dog off lead with the prior consent of the owner and only ever in parks or reserves (never on streets) and only if, in our professional opinion, it is appropriate for the dog to be off lead
  • Ensure that all gates in fenced parks are closed before releasing dogs
  • Where possible keep dogs cool in hot weather by providing access to shade and wetting them with water
  • Provide regular access to drinking water