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A tired dog, guaranteed!

How To Walk Your Dog

  • Don't allow your dog to get overexcited when its time for a walk - have them sit and stay until they are calm.
  • Exit the house first - stepping through the door before your dog is really important as it sets the tone for the walk, which is that you are in control, not the other way round.
  • Use a short leash - ideally have your dog walk alongside you, not in front of you, otherwise you are sending the signal that the dog is the leader.
  • Keep moving forward - in order to snap your dog out of a distraction, fear or aggression don't stop. Keep them focused on the walk by always moving forward.
  • Be a relaxed and strong leader - Stand up straight and walk with confidence. Dogs feel safe with a confident handler.
  • Doggy backpacks - for very high energy dogs you could try a doggy backpack to give your dog a harder workout. Dogs enjoy the backpacks because they love having a job to do. About 10% of the dogs body weight is about the right load.