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A tired dog, guaranteed!

Your Dogs Needs


The single most important thing we can do for our dogs is to provide them with enough exercise. A high level of exercise is innate to all dogs. In the wild they walk for hours with their pack. We need to give them plenty of exercise to replace this primal activity and burn off their excess energy.

Of course some dogs need more activity than others, depending on their breed and personality but all dogs require at least one long outing a day.


As dog owners its our responsibility to be the pack leader and to set the rules and boundaries for our dogs. Dogs feel happy, secure and safe under the guidance of a calm assertive pack leader. They enjoy a reliable framework of rules and routines. This is just as important for small dogs as it is for large breeds.


Dogs love affection and will adapt their behaviour to get it. That's why its very important to give affection at the right times. When you give affection you're encouraging your dog's current behaviour.

Its great to give affection when your dog is calm or has just done something you asked, such as coming when you called. Its wrong to give affection when your dog is doing something you don't want to reward such as jumping up, being protective, whining, barking, being dominant or breaking any rule you've set.